This year: Junkie XL "Off the Dancefloor"

23-04-2012 @ 19:39

In 2012, Junkie XL (aka Tom Holkenborg) is gearing up to release his first studio album in four years; first since 2008’s Booming Back To You. The Dutch-born, California-based producer and remixer set the tone with last year’s lead single, “Molly’s E”.

Holkenborg shared a remix of another track from the album, “Off The Dancefloor” on Beatport. Better known for their mindf*ck performance art (eggs, glitter, feather bombs, mud, liquid latex, spaghetti) Tokyo’s electropop band, Trippple Nippple, renders it anew with their stylized tweaks.

On a side note, Holkenborg collaborated with Hans Zimmer to remix the theme song to the The Academy Awards®. Holkenborg is the first Dutch recording producer involved in the awards.

Release Dates
Feb 29 – Off The Dance Floor (Part 1) Beatport
Mrch 14 – Off The Dance Floor (Part 2) Beatport
Mrch 27 – Off The Dance Floor DSP EP featuring Isis Salam